Colli Briantei Park

Colli Briantei Park

The ‘Colli Briantei’ covers an area of five hundred and fifty hectares between the ‘Parco della Valle del Lambro’ and the ‘Parco del Molgora’. It includes the first hills of eastern Brianza and is an important link in the ecological network of the Milan Province. 

The ‘Colli Briantei’ is characterized by the succession of forests and cultivated areas. The two tributaries of the Molgorana river flowing inside the park on the east and west sides are vitally important and help increase the wealth of fauna and flora in the territory.

There are two other wetlands inside the park: the ‘Laghettone’ and ‘Laghettino’ - which are small lakes in the forest near Bernate.


What to do in the park
Inside the park you can walk along different tracks, which can be travelled also by bike or mountain bike. These tracks have many entrances, which can be identified in this map
The Colli Briantei Association organizes also environment education activities.
A horse riding service is also available in the near stables. 

By Train
The nearest train stations are those of Arcore and Carnate-Usmate.