The Golf Club Milano was founded in 1928 by the Senator Giuseppe Bevione. The planning of the course was committed to the designer Mr James Peter Gannon.

In 1958, the then-President Mr. Gianni Albertini promoted the construction of the current Club House – which is one of the best in Europe – and of the third route, increasing the course with 27 holes.

The three routes are inside the beautiful Park of the Villa Reale of Monza, which covers an area of almost 700 hectares and is one of the biggest and most ancient parks of Europe and certainly the biggest one completely surrounded by walls.

The first and the second routes are the classical track of the competition, the location of 6 Italian Open in the past and of innumerable national and international championships.
The third route is considered the most challenging one from a technical point of view, as it is the curviest with small green well protected by a number of bunkers.