The Park of Monza

Here is a park that has nothing to envy to Versailles or Caserta. Considered the "green" jewel of Monza, the Park was created in 1805 with a Napoleonic edict, with the aim of making it a model agricultural seal and a hunting reserve.

Construction began in 1806 and we owe its greatness, to the whim of a woman! It appears that Josephine Bonaparte asked her son, the Viceroy Eugene de Beauharnais, to build a bigger park than that of Versailles. The wish was granted and the Park of Monza, 700 hectares wide, exceeds that of the French by 450 hectares.

Designed by Luigi Canonica, a pupil of Piermarini, the Park is, with more than 14 km long walls, the largest enclosed park in Europe.

Inside we recognize three main areas: near the Villa Reale, in the south, we find gardens and open countryside; northwards the "Bosco Bello" once used for hunting; then there is the strip along the river, with a damp vegetation. The avenue Mirabello connects the three zones from the north to the south, to the Rondò of the Star, right in the center of Bosco Bello.

The park is also a safe place for the many plants and animal species that inhabit it. Today, along its historical avenues, it is possible to understand what the nineteenth-century Brianza used to look like: forests, meadows, cultivated fields, the Lambro, farmsteads and villas, the mills placed in an environment apparently natural, but carefully designed. An unprecedented Park and still unique in its kind to visit on foot, on rollerblades, by bicycle or on horseback.

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  • Royal Palace - viale Brianza 1 (in Monza) - free car park in via Boccaccio
  • Porta Monza - viale Brianza 23 (in Monza) - car admittance and car park 
  • in Vedano - viale C. Battisti/via Giacomo Matteotti
  • in Vedano - via A. Villa/via Santo Stefano - car admittance
  • Porta Vedano - via Santo Stefano (in Vedano) - car admittance and free car park
  • Porta Santa Maria delle Selve - via Santa Maria delle Selve (in Biassono) - car park
  • Porta Biassono - via Parco/via Umberto I (in Biassono)
  • in Biassono - via Parco/via F. Brunelleschi - free car park
  • in Biassono - via Parco/via Regina Margherita - car park
  • Porta San Giorgio - via Regina Margherita 25 (in Biassono, San Giorgio district) - free car park
  • in Villasanta - via Grazia Deledda - free car park
  • Porta Villasanta - via Farina/ viale Cavriga - car admittance and car park 
  • in Monza - via Lecco
  • Ingresso Vecchie Grazie - via Giovanni Boccaccio (in Monza) - free car park


Shuttle to the city centre
from Mondays to Fridays
6.15am - 9.30pm
Leaves from Porta Monza every 20 minutes
Free for those who have the Porta Monza car park ticket 

Track the shuttle
- with the app TKSTAR GPS (download App Store - download Google Play)
- from the website (to log in, write IMEI: 9053087908 and password: 123456)


By train

  • Monza train station - than take the bus line Z221 to reach Porta Monza 
    here stop also TILO trains (coming from Switzerland), line RE80 Locarno-Milan
  • Villasanta train station
  • Buttafava train station
  • Biassono-Lesmo-Parco train station