Carlo Verri Civic Museum

The collections of the Verri Museum, created in 1977 around important archaeological discoveries, contain traces and artefacts on the history and culture of the area. In 1975, more than 2000 Roman coins were found, in a single block at Cascina Sant'Andrea in Biassono and the excavations brought to light the remains of a Roman Villa. From this first finding, initially exhibited in the Civic Hall, the foundation of the Museum was started which, over the years, was embellished with the recovery and restoration of objects of popular culture by the GRAL (Lambro Archeo-historical Research Group).

The museum is organized today in four sections dedicated to ethnography, archeology, history of writing and printing and, in the branch of Cascina Ca 'Nova, to the rural world. It is possible to observe precious ancient materials and many everyday items, no longer in use, which tell of the recent and distant past.