A tourist friendly town: real time information wherever you are!

The city of Monza has new digital and intelligent structures to help the visitor in town. Along with the traditional Information Offices (IAT) a new network of virtual Infopoints (6 digital totems, 160 smart road poles, 9 smart totems, 6 smart promotional signs) has been set up in town along the main touristic routes, to support visitors.

Moreover a multilingual APP  Monza Emozione Vera is available, in which Augmented reality contents have been added, for a fun and interactive visit...

Discover the new intelligent and digital tools for tourists.. experience a new and exciting visit of Monza!
6 digital city totems have been set up, to find the information on historical sites, museums and parks but also the updated events taking place in town. Also available informations on where to eat, sleep and the bike friendly points.
Find them at: Monza's FS Railway Station, IAT Office Monza, Reggia di Monza, Piazza Trento e Trieste Parking, Autodromo Nazionale Monza Infopoint, Muuseo e Tesoro del Duomo di Monza.
Languages ​​Italian, English, Spanish.

On 160 road poles and 9 promotional totems, intelligent electronic tags have been placed which allow, by simply approaching your smartphone or tablet (via NFC or QR code), to access to various tourist informations. It is also possibile to download the App Monza true emotion.
A free APP that allows tourists and citizens to experience an interactive and exciting stay in Monza.
Check out the points of interest, touristic itineraries, how to move around in the city and all the events taking place. Search where to sleep, eat, the bike friendly points and the places accessible to tourists with disabilities. Plus... AUGMENTED REALITY contents, for a new look on Monza: videos, 3D models, photos...
Available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.
Languages ​​Italian, English, Spanish.

BWiFree-Comune Monza allows you to surf the Internet, using a secured and trusted network access, in 16 areas covered by the signal. Navigation is unlimited and completely free. There are no time limits.
The wi-fi points active:

  • Villa Reale - inside the Salone d'Onore Viale Brianza, 1
  • Triante Library (Biblioteca) - Via Monte Amiata 
  • Piazza San Paolo square
  • Piazza Carducci square
  • Piazza Trento e Trieste square
  • Civic Library (Biblioteca Civica) - Via Padre Reginaldo Giuliani
  • Civic Museums House of the Humiliati- Via Regina Teodolinda ,4
  • Urban Center - Via Filippo Turati, 6
  • Theatre Binario 7 (Teatro) - Via Filippo Turati, 8
  • Library San Gerardo (Biblioteca) - Via Lecco, 12
  • Punto Arte - Via Bergamo, 2C
  • Sports Centre NEI (Centro Sportivo)- Via Enrico da Monza, 6
  • Library Cederna (Biblioteca) - Via Luciano Zuccoli, 16
  • Leisure Centre Mameli (Centro Civico) - Via Goffredo Mameli, 6
  • Leisure Centre D'Annunzio (Centro Civico) - Via Gabriele D'Annunzio, 35
  • Library San Rocco (Biblioteca) - Via Zara, 9

At the first use, a registration at the network is necessary.
To log in, open a new window with the search engine installed and follow the instructions.