Beds are better in Brianza

In Brianza, we have been producing furniture since nearly two centuries. The first trigger was the spread of the first mansions of the Milanese bourgeoisie, whose decor demanded high quality style furniture.

The industry, until World War II was of handmade: only later an industrialization production process started. The handmade production of furniture was combined with other activities: carving, marquetry, polishing, lacquering, gold plating, padding, metal, marble, glass and crystal processing; as well as commercial enterprises devoted to the sale of raw materials, hardware and fabrics.

The area gave birth to a "system" integrated and diversified, where the inter-sectoral and intra-sectoral relations were the rule. A network of small enterprises interdependent and complementary.  The main competitive asset of the Brianza Design District can be traced back, in fact, in the design activity, which provides an aesthetic and technical content to the products. 

The collaboration-competition that characterizes the ties between companies tends to favor a process of constant innovation and an extensive and fast diffusion of innovation and design. The actors of the process of dissemination of information are multiple: representatives of products, machinery producers, designers. A major role is played by the Salone del Mobile in Milan, which generates important opportunities for upgrading technologies, materials and design.