Villa Taverna is situated in the heart of Brianza, close to the Villa reale di Monza, and it is one of the most prestigious and aristocratic villas in Lombardia. Thanks to its wonderful position it was chosen by Counts Taverna as holiday resort in 16th century. In Villa Taverna there are modern and well-equipped kitchens, so that it will be possible to prepare all dishes on the spot. 

Villa Taverna is open all year for Weddings, Ceremonies, Business Meeting, Congresses. During the cold season it is possible to organise events thanks to an efficient heating system; the majestic chimneys built in 16th century, perfectly working and situated in every room, will create an evocative and warm atmospehere.

In summertime you can enjoy the beautiful garden, that will become more evocative at night thanks to the lighting system which makes the trees brighter. 

Near the Villa it is set the church Santa Maria della Neve, where you can find Madonna col Bambino's effigy, considered miraculous.



Photo credits Villa Taverna