Molgora Park

The park spreads over an area of about one thousand hectares through which the Molgora river flows: from the hills of Carnate, Usmate e Velate down to the plains of Vimercate, Burago Molgora, Agrate, Caponago and Carugate. The environment consists of woods alternated with farmlands, fallow fields, meadows, and some wetlands with marshy vegetation characterized by the presence of reeds (Phragmites australis) and bulrushes (Thypha latifolia). The rich flora makes it a very interesting place for botanists. Many animals have found refuge inside the park - predominantly amphibians (newts, salamanders, European green toads) and small mammals (mostly squirrels).

General Park Information: foot ways, cycle-ways,  wildlife watching and exploring, recreation center

Itinerary starts:
Usmate  Velate - Impari inferiore
Carnate - from Villa Banfi
Vimercate - S. Maurizio near the church (road to S.Maurizio Passirano) 
Omate - from Villa Trivulzio (piazza Trivulzio 1)

By train
FS Railways: Milano-Lecco line
Railway station: Carnate-Usmate
FS Railways: Seregno-Bergamo line
Railway station: Carnate-Usmate