MUST - Vimercatese Territory Museum

The museum is located in the center of Vimercate in the eighteenth-century Villa Sottocasa.
MUST is a civic museum that tells the story of the Vimercatese, from the most ancient civilizations that have inhabited the area up to contemporary society.
The museum collects, catalogs, preserves, exhibits cultural vestiges - archaeological, historical and artistic heritage, oral traditions, videos - to build around these objects an evocative narration of local history and cultures. Narration that becomes the instrument of mediation through which complex content such as work of art or historical documents, are translated into a popular and actual language.
The exhibition includes two floors for a total of 14 rooms: the ground floor displays the chronological order, ranging from Roman times until the nineteenth century, on the first floor is developed a thematic focus on contemporary history.



Photo credits MUST Museo del territorio