Friday, 4 December, 2015

Monza Municipality, in collaboration with Union of Commerce and 12 volunteers, 5 of them disabled, has started a campaign to conduct a census of the public places accessible for the disabled. 

About 90% of the business stores supervised is accessible, even if sometimes with the help of the staff. 

On the Municipality website you can find a map with all the public places supervised (about one hundred), underlined with a special icon which represents its grade of accessibility. If you click them, you can discover further information. 

It is also possible to confirm the accessibility through the app for Android (here) or through the Totem around the city of Monza (station, Municipality - IAT turism information, autodromo, Villa Reale)

Citizens and associations can inform the accessibility of other public places, filling out the information in a particulare online schedule. 

In this way it is possible to keep updating the information in order to provide a precise map and to sensitize citizens on a problem which concerns a wide category of the population.