Ponte dei Bertoli (aka

Ponte dei Bertoli (aka "del Dosso")

Upon entering the Park from the small door of the Dosso Osteria at Villasanta, and after having walked along a few dozen metres of dirt road, visitors come across the Ponte dei Bertoli (aka ‘Ponte del Dosso’).

Designed by the architect Giacomo Tazzini in the fourth decade of the 19th century, the bridge owes its name to the local family of landowners and, still today, it connects viale Mulino del Cantone to viale dei Molini Asciutti. Originally it was made of wood but, as a result of continuous flooding, it was rebuilt with an innovative technique for the time. The intervention modified the structure of the bridge, replacing the multiple arched structures with one single supporting pillar to facilitate the flow of water in case of river floods.

The abutments and the central pillar are in masonry and are clad in ceppo del Lambro (a characteristic local stone) widely used as ornamental stone in all the artefacts related to the hydraulic structures within the Park.

By leaning on the parapet you can glimpse beautiful views of the waterfall upstream.