Travel Tips

Italy is well connected by air to the rest of the world, but you can also get there by train, through the dense network of highways, or by sea.

Travelling within the Italian territory is easy: there are air links between all major cities with frequent daily flights. The rail network spans over more than 15,000 kilometers, covering uniformly the country. The same applies to the dense network of highways and expressways that allows you to quickly reach all corners of the Peninsula. Ferries quickly connect all the islands to the mainland and the main coastal cities with frequency.

European citizens can enter and circulate in Italy with just their identity document, while non-EU citizens need a passport. Obtaining entry documents is very simple and for any need embassies and consulates provide a great service.

Traffic rules are governed by a specific code, only valid within national borders. Given the territorial variety we recommend that you follow carefully the specific signs of the areas in which you move.

The tourist accommodation in Italy is compliant to the highest international standards and is combined with the passion and hospitality typical of italian people.

The climate is mild but it is good practice to always be aware of the weather situation in the country.