The Valletta Park

The ‘Valletta Park’ is an important natural corridor between the ‘Parco di Montevecchia’ and the ‘Valle del Lambro’ (Lambro Valley). It has very picturesque landscapes typical of the Lombardian highlands. The landscape is characterized by morainal hills, dating way back to the quaternary period and shaped by Adda glacier. The park owes its name both to its characteristic depression, and the presence of an irrigation ditch (tributary of Bevera), which runs from the north to the west. The green area is predominantly agricultural: cornfields alternate with fallow grounds or humid woods and swamps. There are different habitats for a small variety of fauna.

What to do in the park
Paths to travel by foot or by mountain bike. Look for the ways and the car parks in the interactive map.
Nordic walking routes 4 up to 7 km long.
Ring paths covering the original trail of Valletta Park.


By Train
Ferrovie dello stato: Monza-Molteno-Oggiono-Lecco
Railway Stations: Cassago-Bulciago, Renate-Veduggio and Besana in Brianza.