Sanctuary of Santa Maria Assunta

Erected in the XV century, the origin of the Sanctuary is linked to a miracle: the Virgin Mary appeared on the banks of the Lambro river to two children one of whom, deaf and dumb, regained speech and hearing to tell the tale. The small chapel that was once in that place built to commemorate the miracle soon proved insufficient to raise the growing number of faithful who flocked there, so it was expanded and completed in 1599, thanks to the donations of believers.

The interior of the sanctuary has three naves and contains important works of art: on the main altar you can admire the fresco of the Virgin dated 1507, moved from the original small chapel: an original beauty by an unknown author. Also of note the late sixteenth-century paintings, attributed to the brothers Campi;  large-scale paintings of significant value adorning the presbytery and the choir, representing the Five Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary. By Andrea Appiani the paintings on the ceiling of the nave, with biblical scenes painted in three large ovals.

The Sanctuary is one of the stops of the Way of St. Augustine.


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