Basilica of Agliate

The most important building of Carate is the beautiful Basilica of SS. Peter and Paul in Agliate, one of the most significant examples of Romanesque architecture in Brianza.
Built in the ninth century, it has a beautiful facade of river stones, with a splendid portal surmounted by two windows with the figure of Christ in the lunette, and two lateral doors.
The interior has three naves, with arches and stone columns dating back to the IV-V century with inscriptions on the capitals; the church, as well as the adjacent baptistery, must have been originally covered with frescoes of the XI-XV century, but now only minor portions of painted plaster survive on the last two arches of the nave of the left and the barrel vault.

The baptistery, which can be accessed from the side apses, is one of the few examples of baptisteries with seven sides and a small niche as the apse, coeval and likely equal to the basilica in the building technique; inside, there are early medieval frescoes. Worth to mention also the crypt, built in the twelfth century, and the eighteenth-century sacristy. By the end of the 1800, the religious complex of Agliate underwent massive restoration work by architect Luca Beltrami; from the same period  is also the square bell tower.