Rossini Art Site

Rossini Art Site can be called an open-air museum, a journey through art and nature, in which over 10 hectares of greenery are animated by important and impressive works of contemporary art. The extensive collection has grown, since the fifties, thanks to the passion and skill of the entrepreneur Alberto Rossini which gathered in this place works of the history of Italian sculpture since the war. Among the artists that you can see, there are such names as Turcato, Cascella, Consagra, Melotti, Munari, Pomodoro and Varisco, who, on good terms with Rossini, created masterpieces for the RAS. Works by Arman, Cesar, Dietman, Nagasawa, Oppenheim, Spoerri, Tinguely, enrich the exhibition and less established young artists as well. Remarkable, for lovers of architecture, the entry pavilion, designed by New York designer James Wines is in perfect harmony with the environment and the "House of Peace" by Massimiliano Fuksas, exhibited for the first time at the Venice Biennale 2000 . The park is not just for those who love culture, but is also ideal for a simple day out in the open also for children, maybe participating in the numerous initiatives organized.