Valle Lambro Park

The park extends from Monza to Erba along the Lambro river for about 25 kilometres. In this section the river flows downstream in a natural glacial valley. The importance of the river is demonstrated by the presence of 31 ancient water-mills along the northern banks of the river and monitored by the ‘Museo etnologico di Monza e Brianza’. The park is characterized by a juxtaposition of very different environments - united by the strong impression left by man’s presence from the birth of time. There are beautiful forests of locust, hornbeams, bay-oak, alder and ash all along the ‘Rio Pegorino’ (Pegorine River). The fauna, thanks to a healthy and varied vegetation, is rich and diversified. It is a bird watcher’s paradise. The park can be visited by foot, bicycle and horseback.


What to do in the park
Le Vie del Parco: many wonderful touristic routes across Brianza region to travel by foot or by bike. From the Park of Monza 3 ways start. One is 30 km long and reaches the lake of Alserio, whilst easier routes stretches out till the rural landscape between Sovico and Lesmo or from Villa Mirabello to Villa Borromeo D'Adda. 

The Valle Lambro Park hosts also many events dedicated to promotion of the beautiful land where it lays. Many are organized by GEV (Volunteer Environmental Guards) also by night, to closely observe the nature and learn to safeguard it, but also to amaze you in front of all the historic and artistic jewels of the Park. Field trips, naturalistic explorations and environment education sessions, also for children, follow throughout the year.

Do not miss, then, "Itineraries in Valle lambro Park", a series of trips across the Brianza region, to discover not so well known places and their sectrets, stories and legends listening to the tales and explanations of professional guides who will come with you.

The Park offers also the opportunity to live closer with the nature, kayaking in the river Lambro or observing the celestial vault from the oasi of Baggero.

Itinerary starts suggested to reach the paths:

  • Monza – The Monza Park 
  • Canonica - Canonica-Macherio railway station
  • Agliate - Church of Agliate
  • Gaggio - Gaggio di Nibionno sports center
  • Lesmo - along the provincial road SP135, at via Galileo Galilei. As you enter in Gerno, after 150 metres and after a bridge, on the left there a path begins

Car parks:

  • at Monza Park, near the entrance Porta Monza  
  • at the sports centre of Biassono
  • at the train station Macherio-Canonica
  • near the river Lambro in Ponte Albiate
  • in Albiate, via Resegone
  • in Carate Brianza – district of Agliate, at the sports centre 
  • in Briosco, via Peregallo
  • in Nibionno sports centre
  • in Merone, at the Oasi of Baggero and at the train station (1 km far from the cycle way) 
  • in Monguzzo – district of Nobile, via Milano
  • in Monguzzo, via Manzoni
  • in Erba, via Tre Ponti and at the train station (2 km far from the cycle way) 

By Train:

  • Ferrovie dello stato: Monza-Molteno-Lecco
    Railway Stations: Monza, Villasanta, Biassono, Macherio-Canonica, Triuggio, Carate-Calò, Villa Raverio and Besana in Brianza.
  • Ferrovie Nord Milano: Milano-Erba
    Railway Stations: Carugo-Giussano, Arosio, Inverigo, Lambrugo, Merone and Erba.