Valle Lambro Park

The park extends from Monza to Erba along the Lambro river for about 25 kilometres. In this section the river flows downstream in a natural glacial valley. The importance of the river is demonstrated by the presence of 31 ancient water-mills along the northern banks of the river and monitored by the ‘Museo etnologico di Monza e Brianza’. The park is characterized by a juxtaposition of very different environments - united by the strong impression left by man’s presence from the birth of time. There are beautiful forests of locust, hornbeams, bay-oak, alder and ash all along the ‘Rio Pegorino’ (Pegorine River). The fauna, thanks to a healthy and varied vegetation, is rich and diversified. It is a bird watcher’s paradise. The park can be visited by foot, bicycle and horseback.

General Park Information: foot ways, cycle-ways, horse riders ways, wildlife watching, recreation center, tour with naturalistic guides

Itinerary starts:

  • Monza – The Monza Park (from “Porta di Monza”)
  • Canonica - Canonica-Macherio Railway Station
  • Agliate 
  • Gaggio - Gaggio di Nibionno Sport Center

By Train:

  • Ferrovie dello stato: Monza-Molteno-Lecco
    Railway Stations: Monza, Villasanta, Biassono, Macherio-Canonica, Triuggio, Carate-Calò, Villa Raverio e Besana in Brianza.
  • Ferrovie Nord Milano: Milano-Erba
    Railway Stations: Carugo-Giussano, Arosio, Inverigo, Lambrugo, Merone ed Erba.