Sanctuary of Our Lady of Mercy

The Sanctuary rises on via della Misericordia at the exact point of intersection between the towns of Vedano al Lambro, Biassono and Lissone. The original small church, dated around the second half of the fifteenth century, was declared a sanctuary after a Marian apparition, which took place in the period of the plague narrated in "The Betrothed" by the famous Italian poet and novelist Alessandro Manzoni. During that infection the inhabitants of Vedano moved away from their homes in search of less dangerous zones and reached the place where the church stands today. Tthere appeared the Virgin Mary, who reassured them and invited them to return to their houses, saying that the plague would cease, which in fact occurred.

To that very plague refers the fresco of the priestly basin, painted by Luigi Tagliaferri: in the background appears the Madonna sitting on a pile of clouds with the Child Jesus in her womb blessing, on the sides groups of believers call the protection of the Virgin.

The devotion to this shrine grew during the two world wars and is still very much alive. The church is one of the stops of the Way of St. Augustine.