Farmhouse La Camilla was created in 2000. The owner and  farmer Bassetti Gabriella, year 1961, receives a donation from his father Bassetti Pietro, founder of ”Bassetti elevators”, engineer and industrial from Varese, a plot of eight hactares in Concorezzo. Gabriella decides to launch the challenge of her life: to continue her work as a farmer, as well as in Sannio and in Varese, where she began her work as a farmer since the 90s, in Brianza, in an area not properly with agricultural vocation. Facing many difficulties and so much bureaucracy, with the innate grit that sets in apart, the day Febraury 14th 2004 Gabriella started the farm.

The farm La Camilla,derives its name from the first granddaughter of Gabriella, who runs the business with her daughters Veronica and Virginia and her husband Massimo. The farm La Camilla is located in Lombardy, in the province of Monza and Brianza just a few kilometers from the center of Milan. There are a lot of spaces inside a farm with a poultry, Brianza sheep, pigs, heifers, horses, gardens, an orchard, a nursery, a church , two artificial lakes, farmhouse restaurant, vintage carriages, bar bistro, rooms and meeting rooms. The farm La Camilla is usually attended by guests from the world of show business and cinema and it is  an usual location for Mediaset. It was the scene of the TV reality show ”The Farm”, first edition. It hosted the contestants of ”The beauty and the Geek” aired on Italia 1.