Ponte delle Catene

Ponte delle Catene (Bridge of Chains) is probably the best-known and most frequented of the all bridges in Monza Park and it takes its name from the pendent iron chains that link the bollards.

The 15-metre bridge has a rectangular base and two spans on lowered arches with masonry abutments on two inclined planes that converge in the middle. The midpoint of each arch has a buffered brick decoration in the shape of an oculus.

This neoclassical and eclectic ‘Ponte delle Catene’, located along the boulevard Valle dei Sospiri, was built in 1820 designed by the architect Luigi Canonica.

It owes part of its notoriety to its privileged location in the centre of the perspectival avenue set along Villa Reale but also…if we could imagine climbing over to the other side of Palace the ‘perspectival telescope’ would continue along viale Cesare Battisti and create a compelling landscape design linking the Villa to the historical city Centre, Piazzale Virgilio and the countryside between Monza and Villasanta.