Accomodation in Villa

The eighteenth century was the great age of the Villas of Delight in the territory of Monza and Brianza: the architectural magnificence of buildings and gardens commissioned by the great noble families of the time such as the Borromeo, the Durini, the Trivulzio, the Arese, the Taverna and the Morando.

The Villas are monumental residences with vast parks, structured in Italian-style and English gardens, rich in works of art. These features are derived from being conceived as country residences where the nobles would retire during periods of holiday, devoting to recreation and pleasure in the full enjoyment of nature, conversation, art, music and poetry. Villas were often the representative residence of the family they belonged to and were intended to narrate the exploits and glories of the House.

The Villas of Delight are currently available for the wider public in different ways: public buildings intended for performing arts, venues for meetings and conferences, locations for quality restaurants, museums of themselves as well as modern and contemporary art. 

For the following destinations it is also provided overnight accommodation: