Museum and Treasure of the Duomo

The Museum houses relics and pieces of goldsmithery of Longobard and  Carolingian origin in  a charming underground setting. 

The Museum and Treasure of the Cathedral of Monza houses priceless heritage of relics and works of art, a unique collection in the world for its rarity and preciousness of the materials and handycraft. This collection allows the visitors to follow the events on time of the Cathedral from its founding to the present day.
A path along more than 1400 years, during which the history of the church is often intertwined with that of the great political and religious institutions in Italy and Europe, in a network of relationships which the collections are a vivid and often spectacular testimony.
To clarify the relationship of the exhibits and the history of the cathedral contribute spaces, pathways and museum exhibitions, from the Filippo Serpero section, dedicated to the Treasury of the lost medieval basilica to the section Carlo Gaiani specially designed for exhibit works that have enriched the heritage of the church from its reconstruction in 1300 until today.