Cappella Espiatoria - Expiatory Chapel

Expiatory Chapel

The Expiatory Chapel rises in the place where on July 29th, 1900, at the end of a sport event, the anarchist Gaetano Bresci assassinated the King of Italy Umberto I of Savoy. The heir and successor Vittorio Emanuele III commissioned the architect Giuseppe Sacconi, also author of the Althar of the Motherland in Rome, to design a commemorative building rich in symbolic elements, inaugurated in 1910. On the stele there are a bronze sculpture of the Pietà, large alabaster crosses and the symbols of the Kingdom, such as the crown and the sceptre.
Inside the base of the monument, under a chapel decorated by mosaics, there is a crypt where a  black marble commemorative stone marks where the assassination occurred.

The project was probably approved by the Queen Margherita. In the decorations, we find in fact, the daisies motif , her hallmark.

The same pattern is repeated in the great gate by Alexander Mazzucotelli, "decorative blacksmith" of international renown, which delimits the area.