Via Carlo Alberto

Via Italia e Via Carlo Alberto

via Italia

Leaving the railway station behind you, just after Largo Mazzini, there is Via Italia, the medieval "strata", a paved road which once linked Monza to Milan. A lively pedestrian street where, among the many shops and cafes, there are the nineteenth-century church of Santa Maria Maddalena and St. Teresa, and shortly afterwards, the Church of Santa Maria in Strada, founded in 1348.

From the Arengario, in Piazza Roma, the street runs northwards under the name of Via Carlo Alberto, the road which leads to the Royal Palace, bordered by a curtain of mainly nineteenth century buildings. Along the way you meet the medieval church of San Pietro Martire, and later in the secluded Carrobiolo Square, the church of Santa Maria at Carrobiolo.


The axis via Italia - Via Carlo Alberto bisects the old town. That compact building texture mainly built between the nineteenth and twentieth century. On one side the civil pole of Piazza Trento e Trieste with the Town Hall, whilst on the other side the religious area of Piazza Duomo.