Trento and Trieste square, Monument to the Fallen

The large square, once known as Pratum Magnum (big meadow) and used since the Middle Ages as a marketplace and seat of the St. John’s Fair, has undergone a renovation (2005-2009) introducing elements which bring back past activities. The two portals are inspired by the “chiodere”, once used for the wool-cloths manufacturing; the canals recall the Pelucca irrigation ditch and the stone tiles in the paving reproduce the trade-marks used by the 15th century merchants.
On the north side of the square stands the Town Hall (1932); in the middle there is the Monument erected between 1922 and 1932 as a memorial for the Fallen of World War I. The work by the sculptor Enrico Pancera presents, on a pink stone base, a bronze group of fighting patriots lead by the Victory; on the monument are also mentioned the names of the citizens of Monza fallen in the succeeding wars.