Autumn is arrived, giving to Monza landscapes that light up as an almost endless palette of warm colours.

Here some ideas for your autumn in Monza! 


Let's start with the charming landscapes of the Park of Monza.. 

In the Park of Monza the atmosphere is always magic with lawns painted with pastel colours. When yellow, red, orange, brown and violet blow up painting the leaves of the trees, this is the time for landscape admirers, painters, photographers, trekkers and those who love walking with their family.


Going for a walk in the museums..

If it is too cold outside, we suggest visiting the amazing historical, cultural and artistic heritage of Monza and Brianza.. some examples? 

- the art collection in the redescovered Musei Civici of Monza (civic museums), hosted in the Medieval building "House of the Humiliati". 140 masterpieces that tell the story of the city from the ancient times until today through an ideal journey made of cross references between art and territory. (

- or the priceless Langobardic treasure kept in the Museo e Tesoro del Duomo di Monza (Museum and Treasure of the Cathedral of Monza), with the precious Iron Crown, symbol of regality shown inside the late-Gothic jewel, the Chapel of Theodelinda. (


From History to Speed 

And if you are looking for some adrenaline, at the Autodromo (race track) you can live it with the races, the guided tours and the experiences on the track.  


Events and exhibitions

Look the Events page and join in! 


Shopping time!

However autumn in Monza means also shopping time in the elegant streets of the city. Ma l’l'autunno a Monza vuol dire anche tempo di shopping nelle eleganti vie monzesi. Via Italia, via Carlo Alberto and via Vittorio Emanuele offer boutiques and shops for all tastes and every budget and pleasant bars, cafès and restaurants for restoring breaks.



Autunno nel Parco di Monza