From the 29th of January visit Monza and get the city passport with interesting information, discounts and stamps to collect 


From the 29th of january 2022 the Municipality of Monza with its Civic Museums, the Consortium of the Royal Palace and its Park, the Autodromo Nazionale and the Museum and Treasure of the Duomo present to Monza’s visitors Il Giro di Monza in 60 giorni (Around Monza in 60 days) with the new “Passaporto della città” (City Passport).


Il Giro di Monza in 60 giorni: why the passport?

The project draws on the title of the famous novel by Jules Verne Around the world in 80 days and offers to the tourists of Monza city 60 days at disposal to discover and enter Monza’s four major attractions:

Hence, the choice of a passport, symbol of travel and discovery of new destinations. Once you collect your passport (as explained in the following section), you will receive a stamp on your first visit to each of the four attractions. 

The first stamp is evidence of the purchase of a full ticket to enter the first attraction, so you can show it then to buy a reduced ticket to access the following ones. 

You can start your visit from any of the 4 places listed above. 


How to collect your Passaporto della città

The passports are provided by the ticket offices of all the four partners, together with the first stamp and following a first visit there with a full ticket. In these ticket offices and also in the city Tourist Offices (Infopoint in Piazza Trento e Trieste and Infopoint Monza - train station) you will find all the informative leaflets about the four attractions. 

N.B. To receive the Passport at the Villa Reale it is necessary to buy a full ticket at the ticket office placed at the ground floor of the Villa (no online purchase).


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