The restaurant includes a dining room that wind along the ground floor and another on the first floor, very suitable for small intimate gatherings and for special dinners. Wherever the atmosphere is pleasant and even the furnishings and the environment, a delicate green color, giving a feeling of freshness. The cuisine is inspired by the Lombard tradition willingly but not limited to it: the starters, real delicacies, such as "Tomino Valsasso grilled on the crown of corn salad, pine nuts and raisins with raspberry vinegar"; "Platter of Lombard cold cuts and Valtellina hot sciatt " or salad of bean sprouts, black eye beans and crabmeat with citronette dill; then there are the "pizzoccheri", made entirely by hand as tradition requires. Presence in the room of a sommelier. Wide wine cellar, there are more than 120 national and international labels. Wine is also available "by glass".