The cycle path along the Villoresi canal

The Villoresi Canal cycle path crosses the Lombard countryside, along the entire stretch of the Villoresi Canal, a historic water course built for the irrigation of the fields at the end of the 19th century, by the engineer Eugenio Villoresi. The Canal takes water from the river Ticino, at the height of Somma Lombardo, and after a journey of 86 km returns it to the river Adda, near Groppello.

It is an easy and flat cycle route, which can be undertaken by all types of bicycles and is also suitable for families with children. An ideal place for a ride outside the city, which allows you to get to know the natural gems of the territory, cycling through cultivated fields, parks and woods, with different possibilities of detour which allow you to discover the architectural beauties of the many Municipalities that cross the path, or to continue your tripo on other cycle paths that cross the canal.

It is only necessary to pay attention to the distances: the route of the Villoresi Canal cycle path is 85 kilometers long. It starts near the town of Somma Lombardo and ends near Cassano d'Adda, so, unless you are very trained, we recommended undertaking it in stages! During the journey the track has short stretches where it runs through city streets.

From the town of Monza the cycle path can be easily reached: leaving behind the roundabout of Piazza Virgilio, reachable from the Viale Cesare Battisti cycle path, take Viale Lombardia and shortly afterwards take the Villoresi canal cycle path. From here you can continue westwards towards Muggiò, with the final destination the river Ticino; or to the east, towards Cassano d'Adda, ending at the Adda Nord Park.


From Monza to the Ticino River

The Monza-Ticino route offers the characteristic Lombard agricultural landscape, at times intact, giving the cyclist scenery and views of the Lombard countryside of the past.
On the border between Monza and Muggiò we recommend a stop at the Boscherona Park: a vast green area dedicated to recreational and sporting activities, with a golf course inside, a pond dedicated to fishing, football and volleyball fields and a park games for children.
Along the way, the cycle route intersects several cycle paths like those inside the Groane Park, and the Naviglio Grande Cycle Path.

From Monza to the Adda River

The Monza-Adda route is certainly more urbanized, but through the cycle path of Viale Cesare Battisti, bordered by Art Nouveau buildings and where you can also find the Expiatory Chapel dedicated to Umberto I, you can reach the wonderful Park of the Royal Villa, with its beautiful paths for a ride in nature.
Do not miss a detour to the city center, for a visit that certainly will not leave you disappointed, among the medieval monuments, the elegant and aristocratic streets of the center and the works of art of the Civic Museums of Monza.
For all your cycling needs, we point out that in Monza there are services for cyclist. Find all the rental points on the maps provided at the Tourist Infopoints of the town or on the dedicated page of this website.


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