Santuario della Madonna del Borgo

Sanctuary of the Madonna del Borgo

In one of the oldest districts of central Lissone, called the Borgo (the village), there is a small church dedicated to the Virgin, born from an image of the Madonna painted centuries ago on a wall, a comfort for pilgrims and peasants passing.

Its construction dates back to the sixteenth century. When the building was visited by St. Charles Borromeo during a pastoral visit in 1576 it was restored and embellished by his will. The statue of the Virgin, probably the gift of the sculptor Bernardino Arosio, was placed above the altar.

In the early seventeenth century, Cardinal Federico Borromeo visited her again and finding it so well crafted and accompanied by a living faith and devotion, he wrote:"... so that the people will inflame still more in the veneration of the Blessed Virgin and increases the concentration of believers to this Oratory, we recommend that all the faithful of this place every day dedicated to the Blessed Virgin, and also every Saturday, they gather in the evening in this oratory for the usual devotion, and there sing the Litany of the Blessed Virgin and the antiphon to be able to always have as their advocate and patron​ ...". 

The Sanctuary is one of the stops of the Way of St. Augustine.