The Brughiera Briantea Park

The ‘Parco della Brughiera Briantea’ owes its name to the heath, which is very common in the area. This park covers the territory between Meda and Como and is one of the largest forest areas in Lombardy. The forests are characterized by areas of oaks, chestnut and Scotch pines and areas of grassland and heath.

The clayey nature of the soil encouraged the development of quarries and manufacture of bricks for architecture. The abandoned quarries have now become artificial lakes. In Mariano Comense the Fusari brickyard is still active and open to visitors interested in discovering this ancient craft.

General Park Information: foot ways, cycle-ways, horse riders ways, wildlife watching, tour with naturalistic guides

Itinerary starts:

  • Meda Cascina Colombera , via Colombera
  • Meda via Varese
  • Camnago viale Brianza