Foliage in Brianza

Foliage means the wonderful autumnal landscape with the variation of warm colours of all the copse and larch woods. So, the foliage is a natural event which, thanks to the emotions it creates, focuses the attention of many fans all over the world: landscape's evalutaors, painters, photographers, trekking enthusiasts. 

When yellow, red, orange, brown and purple colour the leaves of the trees, the word foliage also takes on a turistic meaning, as natural research; an activity which was born in the wide and spectacular forests in U.S.A. and which is going to become more and more frequent also in Europe. 

Even Brianza provides a lot of possibilities to discover foliage (Here the list of all the parks in Brianza)

-    The Park of Monza 
-    The Brianza Central Park (part of Grubrìa Park)
-    The Brughiera Briantea Park
-    The Groane Park
-    Park of Querce of Seveso and Meda

The Consorzio Villa Reale e Parco di Monza have made a very useful map of the Royal Park where you can find the most beautiful points for foliage: map of the Royal Park

Autumn in the Royal Park of Monza