Arese Borromeo Palace

Built since the mid of the seventeenth century on the edge of the old village for the Earl Bartholomew III Arese, the building is now incorporated into a sub-urban context of the industrial era.

Those visiting Palazzo Arese Borromeo can admire a monument of great value, a place where culture, beauty and wealth come together.
The sober and austere facade hides a sumptuous feast of beautiful frescoes decorating all the rooms of the Palazzo; among the slender columns of the balcony you have a view of the magnificent gardens on one side and the courtyard on the other. The historical park is harmonized by prospective avenues defining the Italian garden filled with statues and fountains.
The route leads to the discovery of the ground floor featuring vaulted ceilings, with stucco frames and frescoed by milanese painters of the seventeenth century such as Montalto, with "The appearance of the sun chariot of Dawn", G.Nuvolone, Giovanni Ghisolfi. 
The tour continues at the first floor, where the richness of the iconography and the skill of the artists involve visitors in a unique and colorful experience, to discover the hidden message by the owners of the Palace: power, wisdom and genius of the House.