Villa Antona Traversi

This is one of the most important historic buildings in the Milanese part of Brianza. Villa Antona Traversi was built by converting one of the most ancient and renowned religious sites – the convent of St. Victor – into a gentleman’s residence. This villa was built in the neoclassical style of the early nineteenth century  The conversion was commissioned to the architect Leopold Pollack. The extremely fine church of St. Victor was luckily not involved; it is attached to the villa and is one of the brightest jewels of Brianza’s artistic heritage. The house was bought by the Traversi family in 1836 and is still inhabited by their descendants, the Antona Traversi Grismondi family.

As well as the church, which has magnificent frescoes of the Lombard Renaissance, the fine neoclassical rooms on the ground floor, the Choir Room, with frescoes by Bernardino Luini and his school, and the well-stocked historical archive, one of the most important private archives in Lombardy, are also worth mentioning.