Oratorio di S.Stefano - St. Stephen Oratory

Built around 1369 commissioned by Count Stephen Porro, a diplomat at the court of Bernabò and Galeazzo Visconti. The building is particularly interesting for the cycle of frescoes preserved in it and realized by several masters of the time. The themes are in part related to the history of the house of the client and in part to the tradition of Christian iconography. In the presbytery there is a great scene of the Crucifixion, rich in detail and references to the narrative world of chivalry. On the triumphal arch a magnificent Last Judgement with typical features of Lombard painting. Of a more popular language the forty stories of St. Stephen, reminiscent of the style used at that time in the miniatures. On the south wall, a rich representation of the entire family Porro in the act of presenting the oratory model to the Saint.



Photo credits LombardiaBeniCulturali