The Groane Park

The Groane territory is a geological and botanical treasure house. Woods and moor-land (vast meadows characterized by the presence of ling or calluna, plant similar to heather) characterise this area. The park spreads over a vast tableland whose soil was originally formed by pebble and sand. The transformation of this material into a stratum of reddish clay made the land unsuitable for agriculture – thus the spread of moorland. The presence of clay also facilitated the development of quarries for extraction and furnaces for manufacture. The quarries and brick kilns are indicated on the website.

The Groane park has a network of cycle tracks, walkways and an equestrian trail. Currently there are more or less 35 kilometres of cycle/footpaths and more are being planned for the future.

General Park Information: Foot ways, Cycle-ways, Horse riders ways, fishing and sports activities, wildlife watching and exploring the remains of industrial heritage, Recreation Center