The farm is managed by Colombi’s family e it takes care of Floriculture since 1987 and from 1999 of farm business trying to give an interpretation out of the classic methods. In the 5 hectares of farm, You can find greenhouses and plantations in field for the production of officinal plants, a little farm, a lodging area, a restaurant with two kitchen obtained by productive greenhouses and the Spa on two floors, recently constructed. The contest is Sulbiate in discrit of Monza Brianza next to Milano, Bergamo, Lecco and at the border with Rio Vallone’s park.

In the 1987 Mr. Colombi founded the floriculture company and he entirely dedicate his self to the production of plant with 20.000 of greenhouses and  an extended  plant nursery  for the direct selling. At the end of the ‘90s after different studies, we started considering the possibility to turn, a part of the spaces reserved to the nursery,  into a agricultural restoration for the visitors from the city, seen the proximity to Milano, Monza and Bergamo.  

After years of work in 2008 the old stable is upgraded  into accommodation and rooms, leading the archetype of the balcony houses typical of Brianza.