Grubrìa Park

Parco Grubrìa

Grubrìa Park owes its name to the union of two pre-existing parks: the Grugnotorto Villoresi Park and The Brianza Central Park. The new park has more than 2000 hectares of green and leisure opportunities.


The Grugnotorto Villoresi Park

This park is a link between the Parco Nord Milano, the Groane Park and the Valle del Lambro Park. Though situated in a heavily urbanized area which fragments its continuity, it still preserves locations of natural interest. In the park area there is a juxtaposition of farmlands, farmsteads and virgin greens. Reforestation has been carried out by environmental associations and there is also a historic forest (Il Bosco Bello) within the perimeter.

The pond inside the park was obtained after the restoration of a sand and gravel quarry. It is divided into two sectors: one for fishing (carp, sturgeon, Russian grayling, catfish etc..), while the other houses common moorhen, ducks, geese and wild swans. Herons have also been spotted hanging around. A fenced park has been built near the lake with a bicycle lane and other recreational facilities.

What to do in the park
Many foot ways and cycle-ways are mapped inside the park. In addition, there is also fitness trail at the Oasi dei Gelsi in Paderno Dugnano.
Plenty of species inhabits also the park and they are able to satisfy the interest of the most enthusiastic birdwatchers.
Fishing areas lays at the North Lake Park (also known as North Cave Park) in Paderno Dugnano.
In the neighbourhoods of the park is possible to visit some places of architectural and cultural interest: Villa Bagatti Valsecchi and Villa Agnesi in Varedo, the garden city Milanino in Cusano Milanino, or the Lombardic little church of Sant'Eusebio in Cinisello Balsamo.
Environment education lessons are organized for schools.


Entrances suggested

  • Taccona Park
  • Muggiò - via Sondrio, via Milano, via Lodi or via Parco
  • Nova Milanese - via Galvani and via Vesuvio
  • Varedo - viale Bagatti Valsecchi (Villa Bagatti Valsecchi)
  • Lago Nord (North Lake Park)
  • Paderno Dugnano Carrefour car park
  • Villoresi cycleway
  • Monza - railway station

By train 

  • Ferrovie Nord Milano: Milano-Asso line
    Railway station in Paderno Dugnano
  • Ferrovie Nord Milano: Milano-Meda line
    Railway stations in Paderno Dugnano, Palazzolo or Varedo
  • Ferrovie dello stato: Milano-Lecco line
    Railway station in Monza


The Brianza Central Park

This is a city park that skirts the town of Seregno and consists mainly of farmland. There is an alternation of cultivated areas and rows of robinia and elder.
The park has several green areas, the largest of which are the 70 hectares ‘Parco Agricolo Meredo’ and the smaller ‘Parco 2 Giugno’ (50 hectares) in Porada.

What to do in the park
In the park you can find foot and cycle ways, while in Parco 2 Giugno there are also playgorunds for children, recreation areas and an urban garden.



From "Parco agricolo Meredo"

  • via Nazioni Unite
  • via Saronno
  • via Meredo    

From " 2 Giugno Park"

  • via G. Colombo - Trabattoni Sport Center
  • via Asti · via Wagner
  • viale Tiziano
  • via Alessandria 
  • via Einaudi

By train
Ferrovie dello stato  Milano – Chiasso line
Seregno train station is about 2 km far from the entrances of the two parks.