Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC)

Housed in a prestigious building, obtained through an excellent restructuring work, the Museum is characterized by constant alternation between interior and exterior space. The building, opened in 2000, brings together works of the most reliable contemporary painters, purchased during the golden age of the Lissone Prize, an event that made the city the heart of Italian art movement in the postwar years.

The Lissone Prize allowed to catalyze the attention of art critics and operators, representing together with the Settimane Lissonesi (Weeks of Lissone event) an element of pride for the entire community.

It includes works by the most recognized contemporary painters from France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, England, Japan, Denmark, Yugoslavia, etc., as well as names of great Italian artists such as Birolli, Morlotti, Moreni, Vedova, Francese, Dorazio, Scanavino, Romiti, Vaglieri, Adami, Schifano and other great masters.
An entire section was dedicated to the life and work of Gino Meloni, the great master from Lissone who died in 1989.
The Municipality promotes the new Lissone Prize recovering and reviving the tradition of the historic prize that had an international attendance and resonance in the years 1946-1967.