Borgonovo House (House of the Caryatids)

Casa Borgonovo (Casa delle Cariatidi)

Borgonovo House overlooks Largo Mazzini and is adorned by a rich vegetable repertoire and female busts. Of great impact the porch of the second floor, supported by six female figures in concrete and topped by a frieze with putti and bouquets of flowers, a clear reference to the Milanese examples such as Capanini House and Palazzo Castiglioni Sommaruga, the Liberty masterpieces.

The Palace with caryatids, designed by the architect Romolo Canesi, still retains an intact charm thanks to the decorative style of the projecting parts and window frames. For those who arrive in the city (it is located on the road linking the station to the center of Monza), it is in fact a spectacular welcome.