Saletta Reale - Royal Waiting room

Monza Railway Station Royal Lounge

On August 17th, 1840 the train line connecting Milan to Monza, that was the summer residence of the Hapsburg Court, was inaugurated. It was the second railway line in Italy after the Napoli-Portici one. To serve this short but important stretch, a station in Neoclassical style was built, later demolished to be replaced by the new and still existing station (1882-1884).

The King of Italy Umberto I of Savoy, a great train traveller, ordered to build the Saletta Reale, a lounge destined to welcome the Royal Court and noble guests. Considered an interesting example of the then prevailing Eclectic style, the room is decorated with elegant floral motifs on the walls and a painting on the ceiling by Mosè Bianchi, entitled Genius of the Savoy (1883-1884). It now hosts cultural activities.