Literary Parks are paths and itineraries that have inspired great writers. Cities and villages, as well as landscapes and countrysides narrated in a poem or text, become a cultural and environmental heritage to be protected, valorized and made accessible to visitors through cultural activities designed to deepen the writers and their places of inspiration. (from

Monza's new literary park is named after the italian Queen Margherita of Savoy, therefore not to a single writer, but to a patron of culture that has been able to gather artists and intellectuals in order to promote their work.

Margherita of Savoy in fact "loved culture and music. She was surrounded by poets, intellectuals and artists who found a source of inspiration in her and a model of grace and elegance. Margherita's cultural circle was open to the enlightened minds without regard to the class."- Piero Addis, Director of the Royal Villa Consortium and Park.

Queen Margherita was an important figure from a cultural and social point of view in the new United Italy. The first Queen of Italy, in addition to having a significant influence on political management, had a great fascination within the population. She was a woman of great cultural sensibility. She loved culture, arts and music. At the Villa of Monza the Queen organised a rich agenda of cultural appointments and activities.

And this is also the intention of the new literary park "Margherita di Savoia": to bring back to life the Queen's beloved literary lounge, through cultural encounters and events along with becoming a point of reference for  artistic and literary talents.

The landmarks of the Regina Margherita Literary Park lie within the perimeter of the Valle Lambro Park, and in particular the Royal Park of the Villa Reale in Monza.

Contacts for the Regina Margherita Literary Park and Valle Lambro Park:

c / o The House of Poetry of Monza
Villa Mirabello - Monza

c / o Royal Villa Consortium and Monza Park

c / o Valle Lambro Park

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