Within walking distance from the historical center, the park of Monza, of enormous historical, natural and artistic value, is one of the largest enclosed parks in Europe. Inside there are buildings of considerable interest, including beautiful noble villas, numerous nineteenth century farmhouses, mills along the river Lambro, sports facilities (including the famous motor circuit, a swimming pool, a riding school, tennis courts and the Golf Club), as well as wonderful meadows and wooded areas.
Considered the green jewel of the city, a resource of tranquility, well-being and culture, the Park is a privileged destination for tourism and leisure, to live and enjoy thanks to the many initiatives and events, sports events and much more.

It is a perfect place for families, with trails, for walking, cycling or even horseback riding, discovering aristocratic villas, ancient farmhouses crossing forests, rocks and the Lambro River. Here the kids can really have fun: there are play areas and picnic areas (look at the attached map), ducks to feed, squirrels to chase, balls to chase, perfect hideouts, even a giant table and chair to play, environmental workshops at the Cascina Mulini Asciutti, farm animals at San Giorgio Farm, an outdoor pool (closed for summer 2021) and a new fun adventure park.



Autumn is one of the best season to admire all the shades of the Park of Monza. Villa Reale and Parco di Monza Consortium made a selection of the most evocative spots where you can take your photos. Discover the most beautiful places...download the map here.


It attracts thousands of athletes who choose their paths to practice numerous sports: from Nordic Walking to cycling, from horse riding to orienteering .. all in an alluring natural scenery, among centuries-old trees, meadows, river and historic monuments.

>> Discover here all the sport you can practice in the Park 


Spring is a synonym of good weather, so how about a ride on a bike in the park? An activity open to everyone, adults, children, families and friends allowing you to discover easily all the remote and hidden areas of the park. If you don’t have a bike or you cannot bring your own, don’t worry! Inside the park, at Cascina Bastia, there’s a bike rental service, open from the 1st of March, where you can rent bikes for adults and children, child bicycle seats, tandems and rickshaws! At the following link the details of the service: http://www.reggiadimonza.it/it/content/things-to-do/noleggio-bici-cascina-bastia

And don't miss the bike rental spots in the Park, with services dedicated to cyclists.

Train rides

If you prefer a more comfortable situation, however, you can take a tour of the park with the little train, which stops in front of the historical buildings of the Park, including  Villa Mirabello, Cascina del Sole, Serrone and Villa Reale, Bar Cavriga and Porta Vedano. For more information and reservations:  http://www.reggiadimonza.it/it/content/things-to-do/trenino


In this park full of culture and history, there had to be a library! (closed at the moment) You can find it at Villa Mirabello, with a wide selection of books and various magazines, to read inside the historical Hall of Columns, or even in the adjacent garden. For the little ones there is also a playroom and specific readings.


If you are not tired yet and still have time, the park offers different itineraries (attached the pdf map):

1) Two steps in history. The Park and its Villas
An itinerary that allows you to discover the architectural jewels of the Park: the Royal Palace, Villa Mirabello and Villa Mirabellino.
2) Along the river Lambro
An itinerary along the river Lambro, with stops at the Mills of the Park.
3) The green giants
A “green" path amongst the numerous specimens of trees, plants, herbs and essences, considered true natural monuments, from all over the world.
4) On the trails of the gnomes. A fantastic journey in the Gardens of Villa Reale
A tour designed primarily for children, but also interesting for those adults that are curious to know the secrets, myths and legends related to the Park.
5) On the trails of knights and witches. A fantastic journey in the Park
Another magical journey to discover the ancient knights, the forest gnomes and mythical walnut tree, place of magical rituals of witches and wizards!
And if you're interested in all the sports you can do in the park take a look here.