Spring and Summer in Monza

Wednesday, 15 March, 2017

It’s finally Spring! It's time to leave the coat in the closet, wear comfortable shoes and go on long walks to discover Monza’s beautiful views. With the warm season there are so many things to do that it is best to proceed by points!



The first suggestion concerns the so-called thematical routes. You can take a stroll along the banks of the Lambro river fololwing the "Water Route" looking for the traces of the old mills, and crossing historic bridges. If you want to discover Monza’s glorious past, the "Historical itinerary" is a must!

And finally we recommend the Liberty itinerary. For those who want to walk around, with their noses up, searching for butterflies, floral bouquets and especially daisies!



Long, sunny days, but with a mild climate. What better time to take a trip to the flea market? You can find it, with over one hundred exhibitors, in via Bergamo on the second Sunday of each month (except August). Whilst the more traditional shopping is in the downtown streets, including Largo Mazzini and Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, Via Italia and Via Carlo Alberto.

And at 6pm, it’s not time to go home yet... it is time for the Happy Hour or Italian Sundowners! The location is the same. take a stop in the bars, pubs and wine bars on Via Bergamo and downtown. Or in the characteristic places along the Lambro.


Park of Monza

Created in the early nineteenth century as a farm and hunting reserve, it is the largest enclosed park in Europe. History tells us that Josephine Bonaparte asked hier son Eugenio a bigger park than that of Versailles, and so it was! the park of Monza was created, 700 hectares large much bigger than the French one by 450 hectares.

The things to do, in all that space, are really a lot, especially in the springtime, with the nature awakening!

On foot you can go looking for the first spring flowers in the Park, on the trail of Snowdrops, Tiny bells and Crocus! The Royal Palace of Monza has created a real map! Open your eyes and be careful not to step on them!

For those who want to visit the park, but in comfort there is also a very useful little train! A tour of the historic homes of the park, including Villa Mirabello, Cascina del Sole, Serrone and Villa Reale.

For the more sporty types we recommend running routes, four different levels of difficulty, or bike rides along green avenues. From March 1st a bike and tandem rental service is active!

Whether you love art, nature or would like to get lost on the trails following myths and legends with witches, goblins and knights in shining armor here are the paths for you in the Park of Monza >> Itineraries in the Park


The gardens of Villa Reale

An English garden, the first in Italy, designed by Piermarini in 1778. Spring makes it even more stunning, with its secular trees, meadows, caves, ponds and small waterfalls. Walking through the trails you can also admire a characteristic small Doric temple, which is mirrored in the waters of the pond, populated by swans, turtles, ducks and frogs! Who knows if amongst them a prince is hiding! But what makes the Royal Gardens really magnificent are the Green Giants: ancient trees such as oaks, cypresses, horse chestnut trees and cedars of Lebanon.


The Roseto Niso Fumagalli

Here is a place to immerse yourself in the amazing colors and smells, especially in the month of May when the roses are in full bloom. You can find it in front of Royal Palace since 1964. Here Niso Fumagalli, the president of the Italian Rose Association, founded it

The rose garden, with its gently undulating terrain, the pond and the well-designed paths is home to over 4,000 varieties of roses including a wonderful collection of old varieties. A special mention goes to "The Secret Garden of Perfume", which includes the most fragrant rose, including "TEODOLINDA 96", a hybrid of pure white tea, created by Niso Fumagalli in 1988.


Mills and Cascine

We close our Monza in the springtime tips with a tour of the most typical buildings of the area. Along the river Lambro, that crosses Monza from north to south, you can still admire several mills, that used its water as a driving force. At Mulini Asciutti, for example you can see a working paddle wheel and original gears. In the historic center, you find instead the Mulino Colombo, an industrial monument, with grinding, press and original tools.

A final mention to the Cascine, typical agricultural structures of the area. In Monza we have several examples: in the Park you will find Cascina del Forno and Cascina del Sole, Cernuschi Cascina, Cascina Fontana and Cascina Costa Alta, just to name a few.

>> Discover Cascine in Monza Park


Monza by Bike

Of course, with good weather, a trip around Monza by bike is almost a must! In addition to the trails at Monza Park and the bike rental in Cascina Bastia, of which we have already discussed, the city offers a Bikesharing service in the city center. For those who want to go out of town we suggest the bike lane of the Villoresi Canal running through the Lombard countryside between cultivated fields, parks and forests, along the entire stretch of the Villoresi Canal. On our APP you can find all the Monza Bike Friendly services for cyclists!