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Use bikes, sharing cars and e-sccoters to visit Monza! 



No more excuses now not to see all the beauty of Monza, even in just one day. 
In fact, in Monza you find the bike sharing service to ride peacefully and eco-friendly the city centre and the Park without loosing not even a monument or a villa. 
The service operates 24/7 and you can rent and give back the bike also in different stations. The bike sharing stations are 14, but others are being added by the end of 2021. 

How to rent a bike in Monza
1. ask for the card online or download the app Bicincittà 
2. chose the best subscription for your needs 
3. look for the nearest bike sharing point on the map 

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At the Tourist Infopoints of Monza BIKE MAPS are available for free, with the map of the town and Park, with all the Bike friendly structures highlighted:

INFOPOINT piazza Trento e Trieste - Portici del Palazzo Comunale - Piazza Carducci - tel. 039.323222

INFOPOINT della Stazione - Giardini della Stazione FS - Via Caduti del Lavoro

INFOPOINT del Parco - Ingresso Porta Monza, Viale Cavriga



The environment-friendly mobility hasn't finish yet. In fact, since 2020 in Monza 400 e-scooters are available.

How to rent e-scooters in Monza
Emtransit srl electrical scooters:
1. download the app Dott and sign in
2. look for the nearest e-scooter on the map
3. unlock the e-scooter with the QR code

Tier electrical scooters:
1. download the app on Google Play or App store and sign in
2.  look for the nearest e-scooter on the map
3. unlock the e-scooter with the QR code 

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Instead, if you have decided to take a trip to Monza leaving from another place in Lombardy, you can chose the car sharing service, which takes you till the city centre. 
2 Fiat Panda euro 4 and 5 Renault Zoe electric which won't run out of energy, thanks to the charging points installed in different places of the city (89 within 2022) operating 24/7 with a QR code. 

How to rent a car in Monza
Ubeequo service:
1. sign in in the website, in the app (Play store Apple store) or calling the number +39 02 897 319 89 (from Italy)
2. look for the nearest car on the map 
3. book you car

In Monza you find the Fiat Panda cars parked

  • in Largo IV Novembre, in the city centre
  • at the train station car park Monza stazione, in Piazza Castello 

E-Vai service
1. sign in in the website
2. book the car on the website, on the app or calling the number 800.77.44.55
3. use the app to unlock the car

Car sharing charging points:

  • 4 charging points - via Guarenti
  • 2 charging points - via Sempione, 15
  • 2 charging points - via Montevecchia, 7
  • 4 charging points - via della Guerrina, sports centre car park 
  • 1 charging point - via Magenta, 6
  • 1 charging point - via Porta Lodi / via A. Visconti
  • 3 charging points - via Amati, 58
  • 2 charging points - via dei Mille, 10

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