The Media Valle del Lambro Park

The park of about 300 acres, extends along the Lambro river between the towns of Brugherio, Cologno Monzese and Sesto San Giovanni. It connects to the north with Monza and the Park of Villa Reale; to the south with park Adriano; to the west, through the Falck areas, to the Parco Nord; to the east, across the Martesana channel, to the East Parco delle Cave.

Si collega a nord con il centro di Monza e il Parco della Villa Reale; a sud con il parco del quartiere Adriano; a ovest, attraverso le aree Falck, al Parco Nord; ad est, attraverso il Canale Martesana al Parco Est Cave. A green link of an articulated system involving Milan, Monza, Sesto San Giovanni, and Brugherio Cologno Monzese, with a total area of about 3500 hectares of green.