The Media Valle del Lambro Park


The park of about 300 acres, extends along the Lambro river among the towns of Brugherio, Cologno Monzese and Sesto San Giovanni. It connects to the north with Monza and the Park of Villa Reale; to the south with park Adriano; to the west, through the Falck areas, to the Parco Nord; to the east, across the Martesana channel, to the East Parco delle Cave.

A green link of an articulated system involving Milan, Monza, Sesto San Giovanni, and Brugherio Cologno Monzese, with a total area of about 3500 hectares of green.

What to do in the park
In the Falck areas, in the district of San Maurizio al Lambro, it is possible to follow a path to revive the past of this area told by illustrated signs or another path which stimulates ous five senses, to visit a biodiversity wood, to go up the tower in the orientation zone and go down through a big slide, to lose oneself in the labyrinth, to prove oneself on the skaboard-halfpipe track or on the climbing wall. Whereas children can take part to labs or enjoy the playgrounds.

In Sesto San Giovanni, the area facing via Pisa is supplied with walking paths.

In Cologno Monzese, the horse riding centre Erbastro offers horse rides in the park.

In Milan, at Lambro Park, there are a guided botanical tour, playgrounds for children and many sport opportunities: a fitness trail, a soccer field, a Disc Golf course, a skateboard track and a 4 km trail for runners and cyclists. Here there are also a two bars.

Always in Milan, at the Water Park there are 6 playgrounds, trails for cyclists, pedestrians, runners or joggers, a pond to go kayaking and industrial archeology attractions.

At Adriano Park, then, two basketball courts join playgrounds, trails for walking, runnig or go biking and here it is possible to have a break at picnic areas.

How to reach the Park
Look the map of the park here.

Entrances in Monza:
- bike and pedestrian trail at the side of via G. Marconi, near the crossroads with via Enrico Fermi
- pedestrian way in via Carnia, conected with the bike path in via Monte Santo