Rivers Route

This itinerary offers the knowledge of the role played by the waters of the River Lambro in relation to the historical development and urban planning of the city of Monza.
Starting from the Visconti Tower's visit you will discover the use of the waters of the River Lambro from the Middle Ages to Modern Age, by analyzing the most important architectures bordering its shores: the Arena bridge, the bridge of Lions, the hospital founded by San Gerardino in 1174, the Colombo Mill, reaching the New Bridge and the Lambretto: a diversion of water of the river built by Azzone Visconti in 1333 for defensive purposes.

Thematic itineraries follow the touristic signals recently installed in the streets and squares of the city. Panels on the paths differ in color, following the theme of each itinerary: the Rivers Route is marked by blue color.