A race track among the world's most long-standing and legendary race tracks, myth and icon of the motor world. 

The National Autodromo of Monza had been build in 100 days and since 1922, except for during the war, it has always hosted the Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix, one of the world’s fastest and most famous, which make it earn the reputation of «temple of speed».

The Autodromo has constantly been also home to technological experimentation, from disc brakes (1953) to the guardrail (1955), not to mention draining / self-cleaning tarmac (1999) and the Radio Frequency transponder (1989). From one curve to another, the research on innovative projects aimed at enhancing the environmental impact, the technology and the automotive industry has never stopped.

The location of the race track inside the Park, then, creates a unique setting, involving also from the naturalistic perspective. Moreover, the facility also hosts numerous exhibitions, music events and guided tours with races around the track which make you familiar with every aspect of the Autodromo. 


Tour: facilities, track, bicycles

With the guides from the Autodromo Nazionale Monza Infopoint, you can visit the most exclusive areas of the Monza circuit and have behind-the-scenes access to the Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix: press room, race control, paddocks, and garage building. You can also step up on the podium and experience the same excitement the greatest motorsport champions do, or continue your adventure with a lap around the F1 track, corner after corner, by bicycle or in a minivan.

Booking always required.
Track, areas and buildings availability is subjected to motorsport activity and technical needs.
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