#ilPassaporto of #inLombardia

Tuesday, 4 October, 2016

What is #ilPassaporto #inLombardia? A one of a kind document where you can collect your visit when traveling through the Region.

With so many territories to explore, over 30 marked in this Passport plus additional destinations and special events, during the Year of Tourism #inLombardia. #ilPassaporto allows you to create your own personal story while traveling in the region. A collection of experiences that at each stop will be listed with dedicated stamps placed at information points and authorized locations.

Stamps can be put on at special locations scattered across the region or at certain attractions. You can ask for your #ilPassaporto at Tourist Informations Offices throughout the region, also at the Monza IAT Office  (via Arosio, near the train station Monza) or at the following website. It’s fast and easy! Each passport is unique and personal since it has its own number. Those who complete the entire stamp collection will recieve a special prize!

And don’t forget to use the #ilPassaporto and #inLombardia hashtags on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and share on social networks your stamps and travel experiences in the region!

App #inLombardia PASS

Enjoy Lombardy and have fun with your friends thanks to the app #inLombardia PASS.
Discover many hidden treasures of Lombardy, check-in in the place you are visiting and challenge your knowledge with quizzes. Gain scores and collect stamps to defeat other participants.
Before leaving you can chose the contest you prefer: they differ in topic or destination.
You don't need to download the app, but you play free on the website. The game is not available from computer.

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