Craft Beer in Brianza

Craft beer represents a delicious alternative for a different happy hour. It combines very well with roasts and, in particular, with deer and roe deer meats, with cheeses like gorgonzola, roquefort and stilton. 

In Italy, a new season for beers has started: the handcraft production. You can notice it through the high number of new independent microbreweries: also Coldiretti's information confirms it, 600 microbreweries in 2014 whilst only 30 in 2004. It's a positive explosion: in the majority of the cases they are activities founded by under 35 year old imprenditors, guided by passion and the search of high quality. 

The Chamber of commerce of Monza and Brianza supports the craft beer itinerary dedicated to the discovery of handcraft breweries located all around Brianza. 

Try it!